Breaking down is not just inconvenient – being stuck on the side of the road with a damaged vehicle can be scary and frustrating, too.

Good breakdown insurance will ensure that, if you end up in that situation, help will be on its way. Most drivers opt for classic vehicle breakdown cover, which generally offers a 24/7 pick-up service. Usually, this form of breakdown cover will include minor roadside repairs and, if roadside repair is impossible, towing to the nearest garage. If you this standard vehicle breakdown cover, it is likely that you will need to pay for any parts and repairs, so some drivers opt for breakdown insurance. Breakdown insurance works a little differently: in the event that you break down, you pay for your pick up and repairs up front, then claim your costs (minus the excess) back from your vehicle breakdown insurance provider.

Both breakdown insurance and breakdown cover tend to have a maximum limit on the number of free call-outs you can receive in a year, and breakdown insurance policies often cap the cost of repairs - this maximum repair cost will be detailed in your policy. Trust A Trader Insurance can help you to find the best national breakdown cover for you. You can choose from:

  • Breakdown cover or insurance.
  • European National breakdown cover.
  • At home cover - if your vehicle breaks down within a 2-mile radius of home.
  • Personal cover - which covers you for roadside assistance even when you are not driving.
  • Additional protection - which covers costs such as car hire, transport or accommodation.

If you want help finding the best vehicle breakdown cover, let Trust A Trader Insurance help – call us on 0800 0325970 or 0208 9444129.