At Trust A Trader, we want our customers to be happy, safe in the knowledge that their property is protected. We offer specialist home insurance from specialist insurers, so you know that you are covered, whatever happens.

Not all insurers offer specialist buildings insurance, which means that some homeowners are, unwittingly, putting their property at risk. If your home is quirky, unusual, or doesn’t tick all the “usual” boxes, you may need to get specialist home insurance. Trust a Trader Insurance helps you to find insurance for the following:

  • Flood risk homes – nearly 20% of homes in England are at risk from flooding. This could mean that your insurance premiums are higher, or your current home insurance doesn’t cover you in the event of flood. Specialist insurers can help to make sure you are covered.
  • Subsidence - subsidence is an expensive business, so most insurers add a premium for homes that could be vulnerable to subsidence. You may find that your current home insurance doesn’t cover you for subsidence – check your policy to be sure.
  • Thatched roofs – require specialist home insurance as they are more susceptible to fire damage.
  • Listed buildings – are subject to restrictions. In order to carry out repairs or alterations, you need to make sure you have permission. It is a good idea to consult a specialist insurer before buying a listed building, to avoid unexpected premiums.
  • Farms – because a farm is also a business, you will need specialist insurance.
  • Unoccupied homes – normal insurance usually only covers an empty home if it is left empty for fewer than thirty days. If your property will be left empty for longer, you will need specialist buildings insurance.
  • Specialist buildings insurance for self-built homes covers all damage to your self-build property, including flood, fire, vandalism and loss or damage of your tools.

If you need specialist buildings insurance, let Trust A Trader Insurance help – call us on 0800 0325970 or 0208 9444129.