Does your business involve contact with the public? If so, it is important that you have the right public liability insurance to help protect you in the event of accident or injury. Trust A Trader Insurance is here to help you to find the best deals, and the right cover, for your business.

Public liability insurance for business isn’t a legal requirement. However, it does bring you peace of mind and protect you, your property and your business in the event of an accident. Public liability insurance offers cover for accident or injury to any third party – that is, any person or entity that isn’t directly employed by your business. This means that, if your business is deemed to be responsible for injuring a member of the public, or causing loss or damage to a third party’s property, your insurance policy will cover the costs, so that you don’t have to foot the bill.

Appropriate public liability cover provides:

  • Compensation for injury to a third party (including loss of earnings)
  • Compensation to cover repair or replacement of damaged property belonging to a third party
  • Cover against damages awarded to a claimant
  • Cover for your own legal costs if defending a claim, as well as the claimant’s costs if you are deemed to be at fault.

We recommend that all traders make sure they have the correct public liability insurance for their business. The level of cover that you need depends on the work that you do and the potential damage that you could cause to a third-party person or entity. The minimum level of cover for public liability insurance is about £2m, but traders whose work can be potentially hazardous could require insurance levels up to £10m. At Trust A Trader Insurance we advise cleaners, plumbers, mechanics, builders and electricians on the right cover for them, and help them to find the best deals that costs as little as possible, while making sure that they are 100% covered.

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